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Polar Slide

Global Game Jam 2022 - Unity Montreal

Polar Slide is an 80's inspired physics based toy; players will use their controllers as opposing magnets to propel a disk around the canvas space leaving a visible continues line as consequence. Use your mouse to propel the disk around the screen and connect with the visible targets in order to reach victory. The less amount of moves you require to collect all targets the higher your score. Our vision for the project in relation to the theme, was to showcase how duality can lead to achievement as well as conflict; in the VR version of the game two players would be able to play together locally by placing the headset down and sending the visual feed to a TV.

Game Engine:


Nicola Rodriguez

Gabriel Williams

Elianna Bentz

GGJ Link:

Polar Slide

One Page Doc

- By Elianna B.

Polar Slide was born from the idea of growth and accomplishment through duality. Taking into account the limitations we decided to take a simplified approach and focus on furthering our skills, having a finished project and having fun.


Tasks and Assignee:

Nicola R. - GitHub setup, Game Programming, PC.

Gabriel W. - Game Programming, VR.

Elianna B. - Game Design Docs, Unity UI.


GGJ 22' - Project Roadmap

Friday January 28, 2022

Saturday January 29, 2022

Sunday January 30, 2022

GGJ Unity Montreal event kick off and group forming at 5pm EST. After quickly forming our group the team hopped into a call and started brainstorming ideas, sharing personal project goals, introducing themselves, and creating a concrete vision for the project.

Work day! Team meeting started at 9am, we took an hour to two hour break around 1pm and continued working till 11pm. Tasks were distributed based on knowledge of the area, project priorities, deliverables, time constraints and available resources. After setting up a GitHub repository everyone jumped to their assigned tasks and reported for feedback and updates every couple of hours.

Team meeting started at 9am to complete any final requirements, testing and polish. All development was done and built by 2pm; just in time for end of event ceremony with Unity Montreal Online. We had a blast!

Final Thoughts

Whether large or small, game development projects require time, dedication and love. I have gained invaluable experience from this challenge and the amazing people I had the pleasure to meet. It was not easy but most importantly, it was fun. And I cannot wait till next year, see you then!

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