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Ok, so I might have exaggerated a bit. But these are the building blocks for everything else! This is the animation "Block Out".

For the "First Pass" of my animation block out my focus is placement, where will the character "BE" in the environment at a specific moment in time. Now the reason why this part is so important is because animation is grounded on two fundamental elements: Timing and Spacing; including "WHERE" they are located in the scene and at what "MOMENT".

Grim Natwick: part of the animation crew for Disney's "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" and designer of "Betty Boop" (one of the old great animators).

Grim Natwick

(Image taken from: "The Animator's Survival Kit" by Richard Williams)


In the next snippet "Character A" is sitting down, positioned on the right side of the frame and close to the camera, giving ample spacing to guide the eye of the audience towards the object of his words.

Now based on the dialog we can identify "Character B" (standing) as the "DOMINANT" of the conversation, not only because he says more words but also through his overall "Tone" (at least that is my perception of it). Which is why for his shot I have chosen a "Medium to Close Up Shot" giving the impression of a more menacing presence.

The Next couple of shots are "Establishing Shots" and through them I hope to show the environment and set the mood for the entire scene.

Establishing Shot A:

Establishing Shot B:

In the end only one of them will make it into the final animation but for now it is good to have them both for reference.


And that is all for today everyone, thank you for reading. If you like the post please leave some feedback and share your thoughts!

See you next time!

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