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Animating Block Outs... ATTITUDE POSES

Hi everyone! Been a while. I apologize for the long wait.

And now to the GOOD STUFF! It is "KEY BLOCK OUT TIME"! Yep, you heard right ( I just made that title up) but for those passionate about animation out there I am sure you understand. It is one of the most dreaded times during the process of animating a scene (at least for me) as this is where, as animators, we define the RYTHM, MOOD and FLOW of our sequence.


By analyzing our reference it is possible to detect specific poses that "MARK" or "PRESENT" the events in a clear fashion.

Here is an example:

Attitude Poses

(Image taken from: "Character Animation Crash Course" by Eric Goldberg)

In this amazing book (I have a copy myself and I highly recommend any animator to acquire one) Mr. Goldberg explains in a very simple manner the importance of finding the "ATTITUDE POSES". These poses will help define not just the development of events, but also convey feelings and attitudes. They will also become the base that will help define your characters personality, later on.


When preparing for the "Block Out" my first task is to EXTRACT the attitude poses and lay them out as "Thumbnails".


These help me identify more clearly "HOW" the poses flow into each other and "WHAT" are the emotions being experienced by my character.


This are just the first Block Outs for the characters but we can already establish the connection between the poses and have an idea of how they might link to one another:

Shot A:

Shot B:


That is all for today, thank you for joining me on today's post! Please leave your feedback and come back again soon!

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