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Animation Break Downs

With our main poses all set, it is time for BREAK DOWNS!

Thinking you were all set to get into the final stages of animating? Not by a long shot! (evil laugh...) Our animation is just starting to take shape, but I promise all this process is a great help in the end because it helps us identify mistakes early so that we are not banging our heads against a wall later on.

Animation Break Downs

(Image taken from "The Animators Survival Kit" by Richard Williams)


So what are break downs anyway? Well, to put it simply is the position required to get from one pose to another. If "Attitude Poses" or "Keys" are the poses that we need to TELL THE STORY, then the break down includes all the poses that show the audience "HOW" the action develops.

Personally I have 2 steps for my break downs: EXTREMES and PASSING POSES.

(For anyone interested I will make a separate post explaining the difference between these two, because it is an important subject and should be clearly explained).


So without further ado, here are my break downs for my characters.

Shot A:

(For some unknown reason sound on this one was not working properly; currently working out a solution)

Shot B:


Thank you for reading! Remember to leave your feedback! See you next time.

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